Any good company that sells a valuable product or service to their marketplace is usually very good at what they do. But, in today’s crowded marketplace, just having a good product or service isn’t good enough to win the lion’s share of the marketplace that you deserve. Now, you can learn the principles and strategies of the exclusive Power Marketing Program™ that is used by Certified Power Marketing Consultants all over the world to rapidly grow businesses in any industry.The Power Marketing Program™ has been tested and proven in over 350 industries, and it has consistently driven businesses to become the #1 company in their industry. The Power Marketing Program™ is based on science and human nature, and it was developed by combining some of the most well known and effective marketing techniques from experts like Jay Abraham, Claude Hopkins, Jim Rohn, Steve Jobs, Zig Ziglar, Dan Kennedy, and others.

At the 2 Day Total Dominance Training Event, you will be trained by Mike Noone, a member of the Power Marketing Consultants Network, and you will learn EXACTLY how to implement the Power Marketing Program in your business. At the 2 Day Training Seminar you will:

  • Formulate your marketing strategy using the same thinking that made Apple the worlds most valuable company, selling overpriced consumer electronics in the worst economy since the great depression.
    And NO. It’s not “Think Different”. That’s a tactic…

  • Create innovations for your business on the spot. Others call these a USP. We take this to the next level for you with what I call compound marketing where everything stacks the odds in the favour of you and your customers.
  • Write dozens of attention grabbing headlines for your business. If your headline doesn’t get read neither will the rest of your advert. Get maximum ROI from your ad spend.
  • Create advertisements that get 4x to 10x more response than you are currently getting. Yes it’s true… You can get this sort of increase in response and a corresponding boost in ROI.
  • Once you have these working right multiply your results with the 3 ways to increase your revenues…It’s obvious when you see it but it won’t work right until your adverts are right.
  • Get instant live feedback from a Power Marketing Programme, trained marketer. I will be right beside you making sure you are on track and stay on track. Our marketing strategy is ‘Making sure you’re campaigns bring you whatever you call success. Nothing else is more important’.
  • Receive the exclusive Marketing Development Kit (valued at over $5,000) which is only available at the 2 Day Training seminar. Prices for this have recently risen to US$13,000 and you’d have to travel for hours, get your future children irradiated or be publicly groped by a TSA agent, deal with jetlag and airport transfers etc.
  • You get more from our package than you would if you decide you want to travel to the USA to be trained. Read on to see all of the extra leverage and value we deliver for you.
  • Get 8 x in depth follow up sessions delivered via our interactive platform so you absolutely nail every last aspect of your new client getting system. We will keep going until you say you are 100% crystal clear on what to do and how to do it easily and successfully. And most important… Why you must do it in order to have the life you are dreaming of.
  • Learn how to script the 4 types of video you must have on your site and why you must host them in the right place. Video is a powerful medium and almost everyone gets it wrong.
  • Get insider access to our proprietary web strategy process. Never been seen outside the network before. This has nothing to do with templates, colours, look and feel, graphics, fonts or any of that stuff you can get in India for $2 per hour. Instead, you will learn how to facilitate the buying decisions of your visitors. 1,000s have tried to copy us but without the right thinking behind the process, they get nowhere.
  • Learn how to decipher exactly where your customers and prospects are on the buyers timeline. Deliver the exact information they need right now, so they don’t feel sold to or pressured. Gently move them along to your check out without any ‘buyers resistance’.
  • Discover how to test every single aspect of your sales and marketing system BEFORE you spend a cent on advertising. Blaze into your marketplace confident that your campaigns will deliver you money and kudos.
  • Script your sales process in a way that work with the human mind. No hard sell or slippery tactics in sight.
  • Create powerful lead magnets that get prospects to take the next step in your buying process. All your competitors are trying to win the sale. You’re going to win their hearts and minds… then win the sale. Who will they want to stay with ?
  • Multiply your results exponentially by putting support strategies into place. There are so many ways to increase your revenues, effectiveness and impact and that your competition will continue to struggle with. We will give you access to our rolodex of subject matter experts in all of the areas of business that matter and which move the dials.



Our next seminars will be in Asia Pacific region in 2017 / 2018:

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