Challenge the Status Quo, Seminar.

20 February 2016, Kerikeri, New Zealand.
from 9 am until 4 pm

Woodlands Motel & Conference Venue
126 Kerikeri Road, Kerikeri, New Zealand


This unique hands on seminar covers 6 hours of intensive marketing training. Your 47 Page work book is crammed with the exact formulas we used so our clients completely dominate their industry. This system has been successfully used in over 350 industries, in a dozen countries worldwide and is only now available here. In every instance these companies have increased and often trebled or even quadrupled their revenues in just 12 months.

The Power Marketing Programme is a COMPLETE marketing system unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

In short, we have combined some of the best elements of multiple well-known marketing systems and experts including: Jay Abraham, Michael Gerber (the E-Myth), Mike Koenigs (Traffic Geyser), Rich Harshaw (Monopolize Your Marketplace), Frank Kern, Dan Kennedy, Steve Jobs, Jim Rohn, Claude Hopkins, and others to create one, complete and cohesive marketing system that gives your business the leverage to be the absolute best in your market.

Learn the 5 part strategic messaging formula that connects with clients Hot Buttons so they will say “I’d have to be a complete fool to do business with anyone else but you, regardless of the price”

Get 4 of the 14 Business Innovation Formulas we use with our Top clients.

Learn about Sales Cycle Analysis. Know where your prospects are in the sales process so you only speak to their current concerns. Give someone too many choices and they will choose nothing. A confused mind does not buy.

Discover how to rank the Customer Hot Buttons so you get maximum impact at precisely the right time. One of the biggest marketing mistakes is right message at the wrong time. Which of course makes it the wrong message…

You will discover how to write Headlines that connect. I will give you 6 of the 24 headline category formulas which we use with our clients. These have been proven to work predictably and reliably. People have not changed how they process information. It’s the same brain. It’s just the technology they use to receive your message is different.

You will get also 100 time tested and proven Headlines from our vault of headlines that you can re purpose for your business. Do what the pro writers do. Now you too can learn how to use this valuable, money making skill.

You’ll get worksheets for gathering evidence that supports your marketing claims. No more winging it and making stuff up on the fly as you go along. You’ll also learn about even more effective writing.

 Most marketing is based on platitudes like:

  • Best,
  • Fastest,
  • You’ve tried the rest now try the best,
  • Gets the job done right first time,
  • Been in business since 1776 BC,

Ads like these do not set you apart and so your prospect asks “How much do you charge?” You are forced to compete on price because that is all your prospect has to go on. I will give you six platitude evaluations that will guarantee you’ll never write a dull, lackluster ad, ever again. Period !

I’ll show you how to become so unique that your competition become completely irrelevant.

You’ll also learn the Power Marketing System™. This unique way of approaching marketing will set you apart from other businesses in your industry because it is based on psychology, systems, technology and common sense. (A rare commodity in a world drowning in irrelevant distractions and creative nonsense)….Oh look, there’s a cat…

Get access to our Marketing Leverage Analysis™ system which will allow you to pinpoint with laser accuracy why your ads do not work the way you were promised and exactly what to do to make them work.

Just this alone is worth tens of thousands of extra dollars to your business revenues over the next 12 months.  It is the exact same system we and every one of the 119 other businesses in the power Marketing Consultants Network uses on all of the sales copy we produce.

This 6 hour seminar is valued at $499.00. My Special introductory price for you today is just $180.00. That’s a $319.00 discount.

Because this system is so unique and new to New Zealand I am completely confident that what you will learn will allow your business to become the leader in your industry.

The training will run from 9 am until 4 pm. A 46 page workbook & refreshments are included in your investment.

Apply to attend by clicking the button below. We will get back to you within 24 hours. Places are allocated on a first come first served basis. There is a maximum limit of 24 places for attendees per seminar and when they are gone they’re gone. (3 places have already been snapped up)

This is being advertised right across the far North and Auckland too.


Book your place now before your competition does.

 PS: If you’re still not sure, check out some abstracts from what I teach that will enable you to learn why your current marketing sucks, will always suck and is costing you money, time and in fact…Your Life..! No contact details required.
(It really is free)

PPS: Your current marketing problems come from a historic event that changed how people think about marketing and now everyone accepts this is how marketing should be done…(Find out why this is WRONG ! )

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