Mike Noone

Mike Noone is an author, innovator and speaker. He is CEO and founder of Tipping Point Marketing and a trained and certified Power Marketing Consultant. He is a member of the Power Marketing Consultants Network, the largest international network of professional marketing agencies in the world. The Power Marketing Consultants has over 100 agencies in 9 countries around the world who have all been certified to use the proprietary Power Marketing Program.

Mike also utilises his background in Transpersonal psychology and as a trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and accelerated learning to gain a deeper understanding of what your market really wants, so you serve them better than anyone else.

Mike is a #1 bestselling author on the subject of Speed learning with his book, ‘Speed Learning Secrets of NLP’. He has also written and published books on authorship and marketing.

Mike has travelled extensively and started and run businesses in many parts of the world, including the UK, Germany, Poland, Thailand and New Zealand. He has worked with some of the top people in the marketing industry including Ed Dale, Robert Somerville, Diego Rodriguez and many others.

“If you are able to hire Mike’s Services before your competition does, that would be your best marketing decision EVER!”

Tony Bernard
Business Growth and Innovation Consultant.

Mike is an amazing coach… He has helped me see things within my own coaching/training business in a totally new way.
This instant paradigm shift has gone on to influence the way I think about everything! My coaching strategies, my target clients, the programs and courses that I offer them along with mammoth shifts to my own professional stance, my self-worth and the value that I offer my clients in the services that I provide for them…

Once I was chasing clients who had a particular mindset… I thought I could support them, help them change their limiting beliefs and in so doing I would change the world from the bottom up!
But unfortunately, held within their particular mindset, was the belief that they also had no money to even consider investing in themselves to have a coaching or training session with me! This left me feeling constantly frustrated because I wasn’t even charging very much. And it wasn’t so much the money issue that these people carried with them, but that in an ecological sense they also reflected certain attitudes about their personal development with no follow through on their commitments…

Mikes professional stance along with his years of knowledge, know-how and hands on expertise has turned the tides within my own attitude and this with my whole business approach and vision. I have chosen to take the world on, not from the bottom up… but from the top, at the top!! Full stop!

Not only has this new perspective of looking at the world changed the essence of my business, it has also shown me the great value that I have to offer those who are really committed to change, especially towards those who are making executive choices in the world. To reach these types of people offers me eternal satisfaction that I am making a true difference in people’s lives and in the world as a whole…

Thanks Mike for helping me become my own game changer!

David de Warenne
Transformative Coach
Consultant – Practitioner – Trainer




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