Marketing Consulting Services

Any good company that sells a valuable product or service to their marketplace is usually very good at what they do. But, in today’s crowded marketplace, just having a good product or service isn’t good enough to win the lion’s share of the marketplace that you deserve. Smart companies hire the services of professional marketing consultants who have the ability to measurably improve overall sales and revenue—period. Marketing consulting services are retained by businesses who want to dominate their industry and grow their revenue.Certified Power Marketing Consultants have been specially trained to use the Power Marketing Program™ which is a comprehensive approach to marketing unlike anything else available. The Power Marketing Program™ has been tested and proven in over 350 industries, and it has consistently driven businesses to become the #1 company in their industry. The Power Marketing Program™ is based on science and human nature, and it was developed by combining some of the most well known and effective marketing techniques from experts like Jay Abraham, Claude Hopkins, Jim Rohn, Steve Jobs, Zig Ziglar, Dan Kennedy, and others.All of our marketing consulting services are based on the principles of our exclusive Power Marketing Program™. A complete overview of the program can be found on our audio training program, Total Dominance.

Single Project (flat fee): $5,000 to $50,000
A single marketing project would entail the entire strategic development of a marketing program for your business. The final fee is based upon the scope of the project. This is the best option for businesses who want a “done-for-you” marketing system, but are not yet ready to commit to the Virtual Marketing Department.

Discovery Meeting: $499
In a discovery meeting, we will review your existing marketing program, your business and operational systems, and determine where there are gaps and opportunities to grow your business using the Power Marketing Program™. We will then provide you with an overview of what your next steps should be to start immediately increasing revenue.

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