Download these FREE Marketing reports from Tipping Point Marketing by clicking on the images below. ” These are 100% original reports written by Power Marketing Consultants. These are 100% free to download and read without any “opt-ins. They cover some of the areas we commonly find that businesses are getting their marketing wrong. These problems are usually caused by lack of knowledge about marketing or just bad advice from kids working in their parents basement pretending to know what they’re talking about.

Why we wrote these Free Marketing Reports

These reports will alert you to what to look out for when you start to think about marketing your business or when you wonder why your current marketing isn’t working. There’s nothing for sale here.

This is just another way we are fulfilling our mission which is to have your customers say:

“I’d have to be completely crazy to do business with anyone else but you …regardless of price”

Free Marketing report # 1: Marketing Secrets revealed

Learn how you can become the dominant force in your industry in your local area in just one year. It’s not complex but it’s also not easy unless you know what you are doing. Hint: It’s about more than mere sales copy and click rates.

Free Marketing report # 2: 10 Essential rules for your videos

Are you making these needless mistakes with your videos. Read this free report and eliminate those silly errors and watch your video marketing become more effective.

10 esssential rules TPM final

Marketing report # 3: Website design checklist. Avoid these mistakes

Many businesses are the victim of bad web design. It’s not your fault. You’re not a web system designer. The rules of web design have changed and who ever did your web design probably doesn’t know this or can’t be bothered to tell you. These reports will show you how you can vastly improve your marketing clout.

Website design checklist TPM